Street Smart Leadership

On June 20, 1954, Dwight D. Eisenhower was President of the United States, Rocky Marciano was Heavyweight Champion of the world, Elvis Presley was two years away from introducing Rock and Roll to the world as we know it today and this little boy I know was introduced to street life as a five year old newspaper boy in the small desert rural town of Imperial Valley, in El Centro, California. In those days Newspapers sold for seven cents, this newspaper boy’s clients were: a judge, owner of a car lot Womack & Mitchell, owner of a restaurant and a forensic criminologist not including the bars he was allowed to sell newspapers in and the countless drifters that came and went.

As a first generation American (of Mexican decent); one of nine in the family, this young lad’s family were Migrant Farm workers; migrating throughout the State of California. Neither being a Migrant Farm worker nor being a newspaper boy was an easy life. While selling newspapers the young lad was robbed, attempted to have his hair burnt if I did not hand over his money and fought his way; away from a pedophile. His leadership skills kick-in when he got together with other newspaper boys who were his friends; they gathered some rocks waited for the pedophile and took care of him. Then, the young lad found his 15 year old brother and his brother’s friend (who was a pretty rough guy) and they too took care of the pedophile; and the pedophile was never seen again.

The skills of intuition, observation and communications are critical in the street world. If one is meek, reserve and appears na├»ve and innocent you will get run over in the streets. One has to be assertive, confident and fully know your surroundings. You really have to know the lay of land. You need to know the ins and outs of the community and know the community to survive in the streets; if you don’t you will get trampled on. Once a college professor friend of the young lad wrote on a letter of support about him that one of the special characteristics this young lad was gifted with; is that he is Street Smart and at first, quite honestly, this young man took it as an insult, but you see the college professor was ahead of his time and he knew what he was talking about and understood the value of the young man’s street experiences in an organizational setting.

The important message of this article is to know that you have to go beyond being book smart you have to be people smart. You need to know your surroundings in the office, around the office and outside the office. You need to know when to retreat and when to approach. You need to be able to display certainty of your knowledge in your environment. And remember many of our greatest leaders were street smart before they became book smart. By the way, that young lad I am referring to in this article is me.

Street Smart Forex Review – Is This Online Forex Trading System a Scam?

What is the Street Smart Forex system all about? This is a currency trading system developed and used successfully by an expert Forex trader named Zack Kolundzic. It includes strategies that profit from swing trading and day trading, and after testing out both the systems, I would say that they are both easy to understand and very effective.

All the strategies inside Street Smart Forex can be paper-tested without risking any real capital, which was exactly what I did before. You should do this too at the beginning to familiarize yourself with the system and make mistakes without losing your hard earned money.

1. The History of Forex Trading Systems

There has been a flurry of foreign exchange systems appearing all over the internet recently, most of which are proven to be quite useless after testing. A Forex trading system is absolutely necessary for success, but you need to understand how the system works and not blindly follow anyone who tells you that their system is profitable.

2. Beware of Systems Claiming to Be the Holy Grail

Most people are looking for the Holy Grail of Forex trading that will make them lots of money quickly, which is something that does not exist. However, marketers know that these people exist so they continually sell systems promising to be the next big thing.

3. Review of the Street Smart Forex System

The basis of this system is actually very simple yet profitable. You will learn how to identify the long-term trend of major currency pairs and look for signals to enter the market to follow the trend. It has produced some huge pips for me in some trades that have exceeded one thousand pips profit per trade.

Street Smarts Vs Book Smarts

It has been a controversy about which is the more important aspect to make one succeed in life. Street smarts or book smarts? The conventional mentality is children should be brought up to believe the notion that success would come after finishing school and college with a certificate as well as a promising stable job.

Take a brief view into the past couple of decades and obviously, there were successful men and even women who did not do well academically. Some did not enter colleges or worst, several were school dropouts. Their successes were even used as examples of how people should work to succeed in life. These self-made millionaires are said to graduate from the School of Life Hardships, without a book smart school graduate certificate. Hence, how do we claim that which is a better guarantee towards success?

Basically certificate holders should outmaneuver the comparison. In the listing of richest people, 8 out of 10 graduated from colleges and there are only a handful of them who did not obtain a college degree. But few of them actually further pursued studies in business schools to earn an educational record. Thus, needless for further explanation to nail the fact that education is an important key towards triumph in life. As a matter of fact, most employers and corporate companies actually look for certified documentation of one’s knowledge instead of testing their street intelligence. As far as experience shall take its place, nobody can deny the demand of theoretical knowledge. No doubt that people often gain more in the real working world, especially hands-on encounters of communication and problem solving matters.

There were some who did not require any academic attainment to be the owner of money. These people are born with strong family holdings thus the inheritance was a confirmed fact. However, certainly people who are book smart can do much better in maintaining the success of the family. Besides, if you look into successful people who did not acquire a college degree such as Paul Allen of Microsoft, Lawrence Ellison of Oracle, Michael Dell of Dell Corporation and Bill Gates, the third richest men in the world; they have natural street intelligence when it comes to innovative ideas, business acumen as well as inborn charisma and vision.