Street Smarts Vs Book Smarts

It has been a controversy about which is the more important aspect to make one succeed in life. Street smarts or book smarts? The conventional mentality is children should be brought up to believe the notion that success would come after finishing school and college with a certificate as well as a promising stable job.

Take a brief view into the past couple of decades and obviously, there were successful men and even women who did not do well academically. Some did not enter colleges or worst, several were school dropouts. Their successes were even used as examples of how people should work to succeed in life. These self-made millionaires are said to graduate from the School of Life Hardships, without a book smart school graduate certificate. Hence, how do we claim that which is a better guarantee towards success?

Basically certificate holders should outmaneuver the comparison. In the listing of richest people, 8 out of 10 graduated from colleges and there are only a handful of them who did not obtain a college degree. But few of them actually further pursued studies in business schools to earn an educational record. Thus, needless for further explanation to nail the fact that education is an important key towards triumph in life. As a matter of fact, most employers and corporate companies actually look for certified documentation of one’s knowledge instead of testing their street intelligence. As far as experience shall take its place, nobody can deny the demand of theoretical knowledge. No doubt that people often gain more in the real working world, especially hands-on encounters of communication and problem solving matters.

There were some who did not require any academic attainment to be the owner of money. These people are born with strong family holdings thus the inheritance was a confirmed fact. However, certainly people who are book smart can do much better in maintaining the success of the family. Besides, if you look into successful people who did not acquire a college degree such as Paul Allen of Microsoft, Lawrence Ellison of Oracle, Michael Dell of Dell Corporation and Bill Gates, the third richest men in the world; they have natural street intelligence when it comes to innovative ideas, business acumen as well as inborn charisma and vision.